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RE: open video0 trouble

Citerat från  Mikael Starvik <mikael.starvik@xxxxxxx.com>:

> In this case it is rather obvious where the OOPS occured:
> Out of Memory: Killed process 67 (boa).
> Oops: bitten by watchdog
> I don't know why the memory was exhausted (and ksymoops
> won't tell you either). Maybe the driver allocates
> large amounts of memory to buffer pictures?
> /Mikael

Ok, so I got to change some memory allocation somewhere.
What I don't can figure out is that what really happens when I try to open()
such video device.
Where goes the call open()? Is it to usb-host driver, webcam's driver, v4l or
somewhere else?
Can anybody give me a hint so I perheps can trace what happens!