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RE: User Memory available

The Kernel code + static data is ~ 1MB (can not
be paged). 

For each application you can find some data by
doing cat /proc/yourpid/maps. Everything marked
as rw-p is private writable data and can't be
paged. Refer to man proc for more information.

For the kernel you can find some information
in /proc/slabinfo. More info is available in
man proc.


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From: John Bindby [mailto:john.bindby@xxxxxxx.se]
Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 9:59 AM
To: Mikael Starvik; dev-etrax
Subject: RE: User Memory available

Hi Mikael,

> ~250KB in kernel partition (flash)
> ~150KB in JFFS partition (flash)
> ~3000KB RAM 

Do you have a rough estimate where the used up 5MB of RAM goes ?

> When designing a new card with MCM or ETRAX 100LX it is a very good idea to
> prepare for more memory. Software developers tend to fill up everything they get.

So we do.... ;-)

Regards - John Bindby