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RE: Memory leakage?


I will investigate this some day soon. I am just in the process
of writing a C-program that runs through /proc to check if any
application is leaking memory.

Can you run ps -aef to check that there aren't any zombie


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I wrote a driver and I found that after a long period the application which
used this driver terminated. At first I thought that my driver is buggy.

But it seems that the problem appear when I does not compile my driver into
the kernel. The situation is the following:

The devboard boots correctly. I open 3 telnet connection and start the
script.sh (the attachment contains it, I thing other software also can cause
same effect if it needs bigger amount of memory). Right after reset it works
fine. ~8-10 hours later I can start 2 instances of this script, if I start
the 3rd, it kills one of another telnet connection. At 20 hours I can start
1 instances but after a few second it kills itself (basically the in.telnetd
process is killed)

I try to collect the information, the files.tgz contains these.

Can anyone help me whether is it a bug or I made a mistake?


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