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RE: Memory leakage?


It seems that your idea is correct.

The console on my devboard was linked to /dev/null. So I did not get alert
about console open. But I uncomment 'free' in busybox (I do not know whether
is it correct for mem checking, but the result backs up your experience) and
I realised the following:

When agetty was included into inittab the free memory with 'free' started
~1500 kB right after boot and continuously decreased (it seems that memory
decreased with 8 kb in every ~3-4 minutes (test was 30 mins))

However, when I eliminated agetty the memory was 1688 - 1680 kB and does not
decreased (but it is only a half an hour test yet).

I try to investigate the situation further, but unfortunately I can not
develop during test :-(


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> Sent:	Tuesday, December 03, 2002 11:22 AM
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> Subject:	R: Memory leakage?
> I had a similar problem: my ETRAX board run out of memory after 8 hours.
> I noticed that I enabled the wrong serial port and I fixed the
> configuration: now my applications run for several days without any memory
> leakage.
> Stefano

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