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embedded beginner. :)

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this embedded world of hardware and is trying to find my way 
forward. I have a fax soloution currently running on "normal pc 
hardware" which I would like to get running on a smaller(physical) 
hardware in a custom casing.

I've been looking at the etrax 100lx from axis and it seems like a nice 
piece of hardware, it seems like it have all the functionality I need.
The thing I'm uncertain about is the ide-interface, its not well covered 
in the datasheet, but is it possible to just hook up a normal ata 
compatible harddrive and run it, assuming its properly configured?

How much different is it to work with? Can I boot from the flash memory 
and when that boot is finished continue to start programs located on the 
harddrive? Probably a very obvious question, but just to make sure. :)

Best regards,