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RE: Battery powered ram

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> From: Mikael Starvik [mailto:mikael.starvik@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: donderdag 5 december 2002 12:00
> To: 'Pieter Grimmerink'; dev-etrax
> Subject: RE: Battery powered ram
> Hi,
> ioremap() is your friend here.
> Something like this in a driver should do it:
> unsigned long* mem;
> mem = ioremap(MEM_CSR0_START, MAP_SIZE);
> where MAP_SIZE is the size of the area you want to map

Shouldn't I use request_mem_region() first to allocate the

Or is ioremap() enough to prevent the rest of the kernel
to use my memory?
I'm afraid ioremap does not actually allocate the memory 
for me.

> You can then access mem with e.g. mem[30] = 3

So we don't have to use writeb / readb functions for
the etrax? 
But I guess that would only be necessary for memory regions 
that cannot be directly mapped in processor address space.

Thanks and best regards,