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FW: Battery powered ram


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From: Mikael Starvik
To: 'Pieter Grimmerink '
Sent: 2002-12-05 18:15
Subject: RE: Battery powered ram

The current CRIS kernel only uses DRAM for memory
allocations (kmalloc, malloc, vmalloc etc). It can
never decide to use SRAM. It would of course be
possible to change this (would require changes in 
at least arch/cris/mm/init.c).

>Or is ioremap() enough to prevent the rest of the kernel
>to use my memory?

ioremap is not enough but since the kernel won't
use the SRAM for normal allocations it should
be safe.

>So we don't have to use writeb / readb functions for
>the etrax? 

writeb/readb is defined to assignments for CRIS. 
I still recommend you to use normal C-syntax.
The definition of writeb/readb may change in the