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RE: synchronous serial bidirectional master mode

> The frame pulses are generated even when there is no data to send.

And while those pulses are generated, the master receives data from
the slave.
> The slave can use the flow control to indicate that no frames
> should be generated (and hence no data received).

Which also prevents the master from transmitting data...

> The synchronous serial port is a bit odd because it always runs
> even when there is nothing to do. This is rather confusing and
> it would be better if this behaviour could be disabled with
> a configuration option.

Yes, but I think that when running bidirectional mode, frames
should be generated all the time, to allow the slave to send

Anyway, can I conclude that bidirectional mode synchronous
serial is not ideal, and that it might be better to use two
single direction synchronous serial ports together;
-one for input only, where the slave can use flowcontrol to
indicate it has something to send
-one for output only, where the master only generates frames
when it has something to send

Thanks, and best regards,