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RE: Asynch Serial Port 1 FIFO


That comment is true for ETRAX 100 only. ETRAX 100LX and 
the MCM has a 64 byte FIFO for serial port 1 (i.e. the
same FIFO size as for all other interfaces). I have tested
to run the serial ports with the maximum speed allowed by
Etrax (6.25 MBit/s) without dropping characters. Note that
you have to connect your device before the serial transceiver
to run at speeds higher than 115200bps.


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Subject: Asynch Serial Port 1 FIFO

The design reference and the E100LX board schematics point to the fact 
that asynchronous serial port 1 (ser1) does not have a FIFO buffer.

Does the same apply to the MCM version of the E100LX? If so, has anyone 
used ser1 (without a FIFO) in the MCM or E100LX ?  What were the maximum 
baud rates achieved, without data loss?

Thx for your help,

Leo Salomone