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problem with the boot_linux perl script

I recently installed the  Red-Hat Version 8.0 with perl version 5.8.0.

I then installed the axis software distribution, kernel 2.4.14 and cris
compiler and built the axis platform. After the software was built,

I then attempted to use the flashitall script and I encountered errors with
the boot_linux perl script.

The source of the trouble was the get_dword function

sub get_dword
my $data;
read(FILE, $data, 4);
return unpack("H8",pack("V",unpack("N",$data)));

get_dword was not able to properly interperet the data in the file.

I searched for perl 5.8.0 and pack on the web using google.com and I found
that there were bugs in the pack, unpack functions in version 5.8.0 of

I was able to build and flash an image. using Red Hat Version 7.0 with perl
version 5.6.0

Has anybody encountered the same problem.

Mark Schapira