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RE: USB-Server?


The idea would be to impl. a low level usb driver similar to usb-ohci or
usb-uhci in the local Linux machine. Using a utility program one could
tell this driver to attach to a remote TCP/IP device instead of some
local hardware. The remote box would have to impl a low level driver
that takes the TCP/IP data and talk to the real hardware. The drivers
would of course need to wrap/unwrap the USB data and add control
information so it knows what kind of data it is and what to do with it.
Local applications shouldn't know the difference.

This would be simiar to
http://www.gleaf.com/Hardware/ION/ION-AnywhereUSB.asp but this product
doesn't support Linux as the host PC, and using a Linux machine for the
device server also has many other advantages in my view.

A traditional scenario:

|usb device specific driver (such as usbmouse) |
|usb driver|
|usb-ohci driver|
|usb hardware|

Using TCP/IP:

|usb device specific driver|
|usb driver|
|usb-tcp-top driver| 
|usb-tcp-bottom driver|

I do not think it should be very difficult. Maybe I'm wrong.

-- Dag

tor, 2002-12-12 kl. 09:03 skrev Mikael Starvik:
> General USB is much more complicated than a serial port. On USB
> you can not just send any data that you receive on the Ethernet. 
> You have to know at least which USB traffic type the data is.
> Therefor its hard to make a device that allows any device
> connected to USB accessible via Ethernet without any additional
> software on the redirector.
> /Mikael
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> Hi,
> Maybe not the correct list, but does anybody know if Axis have any plans
> for making a USB-Server (similar to the Serial-Server), or add a couple
> of USB ports to the existing serial server?
> One idea would be to write a low-level USB to Ethernet (or TCP/IP) Linux
> driver that would make it possible to use the USB-Server to distribute
> USB devices (irda, bluetooth, printers, web-cameras) anywhere in your
> network.
> We are using the Axis Serial Server today for our IrDA solutions
> (Phone-, PDA-, Internet Beamer), but it would be really interesting if
> we could use USB dongles instead of serial port dongles. Our IrDA
> solution makes it possible to push content such as logos, ringtones,
> vCards, Java-apps, SMS and MMS messages to IrDA capable mobile phones,
> or give Internet access to PDAs etc, and we are also developing a
> payment system for IrDA capable mobile phones. The Axis Serial Server is
> almost the perfect solution ...
> -- Dag