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RE: Fast responce (Interrupts)

> > I am working on a project where we are in need to 
> > periodically (~5ms) run a piece of code to handle external 
> > signals. This code is required to run every 5 ms or there 
> > will be problems.
> How exact timing do you need? 5 +/- 1 ms or 5 +/- 1 us? 
> >The solution I have been thinking of is using an external hardware 
> >generating a pulse on the NMI pin available on the Etrax. Do 
> you think 
> >this is the >best way to do this or do you have any other ideas?
> If you need very exact timing this is the only way I think 
> (because other interrupts are disabled sometimes).

Just keep in mind that if the periodic task needs to somehow interact 
with the rest of the kernel you will have to be carefull since in many 
cases disabling interrupts is used to protect critical regions.