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New compiler tools release: cris-dist-1.24

There's a new release of the compiler tools.  For GNU/Linux,
this release is expected to be used together with linux-headers
for linux-2.4.14 (included in cris-dist-linux-headers-1.24.tar.gz),
but there should be no issues using this release together with
older kernels.  It has been tested together with deboard_lx-R2_1_0.
No compatibility issues are expected from cris-dist-1.22 to
cris-dist-1.24; you do not have to re-build anything.

There was no "public" release cris-dist-1.23, because the GCC
bug mentioned below was found before the public release was
scheduled to happen.

Upgrading is recommended.

Visible changes (extracted from the file NEWS in the source package):

Glibc now uses the fcntl64 syscall for fcntl, enabling use of
the F_GETLK64, F_SETLK64 and F_SETLKW64 fcntl commands.
(This change affects no other fcntl use.)

GCC now displays "2.96 Axis release R44/1.24" when given
the option "-v" only.

Bugs fixed:

- A GCC bug that lead to invalid code for compilations
  without optimization (-O0) on functions containing calls to
  functions marked with attribute "noreturn", such as exit, abort
  and _exit with the glibc header system headers.

- A linker bug caused this code to SEGV when the linker option
  --export-dynamic was used: 
   int main() { double kalle = 1; printf("Bla: %f\n", kalle*5); exit(0); }
  Recent releases of pppd are affected by the same bug.

- Another linker bug caused failure when asked to generate a
  file with more than 65279 sections.  (This is an unusual case.)

- Assembler expressions involving PC-relative expressions using
  indexed addressing mode would emit incorrect code.  For example:
    move.d [pc+x-(y-2)],r3
    .space 1000
  (GCC does not emit such code.)

The compiler tools are available in five forms: as a source
SRPM, as a binary RPM, as a binary .deb package, Debian source
description and as "pure" sources; gzipped tar-balls.  The
binary RPM is suitable for i386-type host machines
(i[3456]86-pc-linux-gnu) running Red Hat Linux release 6.2 and up.)
The Debian binary package is similarly suitable for PC:s running
release "Woody" or newer.

The SRPM and RPM are available at:

The Debian binary package is at:

The Debian source package files (which require the source
tarballs below to be retrieved separately) is at:

The corresponding source tar-balls are in three parts at:

If you need to install from the tar-ball sources (though the
binary or source packages are strongly recommended), first
unpack the cris-dist-1.24.tar.gz tar-ball, then "cd cris-dist-1.24"
and unpack the latter two tar-balls in that directory.
Further installation instructions are available in the file
README in the cris-dist-1.24.tar.gz tar-ball.

There are also files ending in *.md5, to use for minimal
integrity-check of the above files, with contents repeated
below.  Older releases are moved to the subdirectory "old" with
every new release ("old/debian-dsc" for old Debian build
description files).

926173508cc1725abdf3ae7ceece4ca4 *cris-dist-1.24-1.i386.rpm
0ced2bab22450c1f86df64469c9b5e68 *cris-dist-1.24-1.src.rpm
ee9bddc0f3b7ba205ad571c431a9e628 *cris-dist-1.24.tar.gz
b3a13f9acbab54a1f788192c75bef2da *cris-dist-glibc-1.24.tar.gz
4ec9b22f02266ea777a20b7ea5b6fd4b *cris-dist-linux-headers-1.24.tar.gz
093dadd2b9aa2bfad5fcf2fbbbcebc95 *cris-dist_1.24-1_i386.deb
b68c314d0abfd4e5b6b6c882bef0fe05 *cris-dist_1.24-1.dsc
0e995a394f013950560cbd1e77629ddb *cris-dist_1.24-1.tar.gz

brgds, H-P