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FTP and network problems.


We have found some problems with FTP and software download.

The FTP session is quite often closed by the etrax card if multiple calls on port 80 (http) is done at the same time.
The etrax card is most of the times repairing itself by rebooting after a connection timeout or by complete the software download (re-flashing).
But a couple of times the unit has been left in runlevel 1 forever and sometimes the flash was "damaged" with the only solution to use "flashit".
We also have some problems with the FTP daemon not answering to calls, the process is running normally but the client is unable to log in.

We first saw the problem when having our regular web pages active (we are using Client side poll) during software download, then it only happens a few times.

Someone that have seen these problems before ??

Is there any plans to update the software download functionality, i.e move it out of sftpd...  ??

Best regards, 	Henrik Löfgren
		Transmode Systems AB