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A few newbie questions

I'm a complete newbie to ETRAX100LX and embedded linux but having
received the dev board BEFORE Christmas (thanks Axis!) I have the thing
up and running and a rudimentary driver working after a couple of days
work. I've looked at the archives and have a few questions:

1. Is the BCM5201 in production and available in lowish quantities and
if so from where? For that matter how about the RJ45 jack etc. (I'm in
the UK) 2. If the answer to the above is no and no (as it were) has
anyone used another device with success and if so what and are the
drivers available? 3. The dev board comes with 4MB of flash, the flash
image generated seems to be about 2MB. If I use the MCM in production am
I likely to be embarrassed with insufficent memory? I realise that this
is dependent on my app code of course! 4. Should I upgrade to the latest
kernel 2.4.19 I used 2.4.14 because I always do what I'm told :-) 5.
Does anyone have a stable and relatively versatile USB solution up and
running? I'm going to need to be able to plug in small memory type
devices for example.

I need to take a hardware design decision early in 2003 so any other
comments would be gratefully received.

Thanks and seasons greetings.