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Floppy Disk Boot

Dear Friends,

I just installed RH7.3 on my home computer. I have got onf HDD of 20GB. The 
first 13GB are being used by win2000 prof. The remaining 7GB are for RH7.3. 
Although the Linux installed on the HDD the boot floppy disk doesnot boot and 
therefore i cannot get into my Linux. i have tried the following

1. linux rescue and the mkbootdisk but the message appears that 'msdos not 
supported'. If i make a bootdisk on my friends LH7.3 will i be able to boot to 
linux on my machine?
2. tried dd to copy vmlinuz from my friends computer who is running LH7.3 from 
the same CDs but it doesn't work either

Any suugestions