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ftp flash still flaky

does anyone know the "correct" way to use ftp flash? i am trying to
upgrade the kernel image on some boxes, and it doesnt always work.
here's what happens:

ftp>put fimage flash
local: fimage remote: flash
227 Entering Passive Mode (135,10,42,63,12,0)
150-Going to single user mode.
Allocating memory.
150 Opening data connection.
226-Transfer complete. Checksum and HWID verified.
Erasing flash...

At this point, 
-sometimes the flashing completes successfully
-sometimes i get the message 
"netout: connection reset by peer"
-sometimes nothing happens for a long time, after which i kill the ftp and
reboot the box. 

everytime that the flashing fails, if i reboot the box and try again, it
what could i be doing wrong, and how can i get it to work the first time