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Re: Send data on serial port!

Make sure you set the terminal settings to "raw" on both the
sender and the receiver, e.g. by using the cfmakeraw() function.
See 'man cfmakeraw'


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From: "Goran Hillebrink" <Goran.Hillebrink@xxxxxxx.se>
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Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 12:34
Subject: Send data on serial port!

> Hi,
> I need to send data character by character over a serial port(/dev/ttyS0) on a LX board. To achieve as high speed
as possible I want to send as little overhead as possible. When I send data now I always need to add a line feed to
have the data sent immediately. Is it possible to send just a byte without a line feed?
> /Goran