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Question about uClibc/uC-libc


I have a Axis Developer board LX. I installed the development 
environment successfully and I compile the system with 
cris-axis-linux-gnu target.

Now I'm triying to compile the system with uC-libc library or uClibc.  I 
downloaded the uC-libc release from 
http://developer.axis.com/download/libs/ but there are not documentation 
about the next steps with this library.

In the other hand I see in the Rules.elinux in apps directory that there 
is a cris-axis-linux-gnuuclibc target. I tried to compile but the target 
doesn't work.

I have a first question: With uClibc or uC-libc can I reduce the size of 
libraries and apps that I need to flash in my axis developer board to run?

My other questions are:
1) Is there a uClibc or uC-libc release and documentation that can help 
me in this task?
2) Can I use the uC-libc in the axis downloads site? How can I make with it?

Thank you very much,

Best regards