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Re: ISA bus type in etrax

Not directly, you need glue logic to handle the timing
and separation of ISA I/O and ISA memory accesses.
I did that as part of my Masters thesis back in 1996, and 
interfaced an ISA VGA controller and an ISA PCMCIA controller 
to the ETRAX 4 using a PLD.
If it's just a specific chip you want to connect, I suggest you
study the timing information for that chip and se what needs to 
be done. It's hopefully faster then what the ISA specification says
so you might not need to use "wait" to handle the ultra slow ISA

We used different memory spaces from ETRAX to distingwish between
I/O and memory accesses as well as 8 and 16 bit accesses.

Hope that helped

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Can I interface ISA bus to etrax chip.