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How to boot from serial port with Etrax MCM and etrax100_boot


I just want to do some basic tests with out own MCM design, unfortunatly
the network boot doesn't work, now I try to boot from serial port ttyS0
with etrax100_boot.

Is there any documentation / how-to for this program ? I've found the HTML
in the doc directory, but it isn't very clear.I just want to boot a
generic MCM kernel to test the functionality of the build in SD-RAM and
flash. Any suggestions ? 

Thank you in advance,

	Arne Bockholdt

Dipl. Inform. Arne Bockholdt
REA Elektronik GmbH
Teichwiesenstr. 1
64367 Mühltal-Waschenbach
Tel. +49 (0) 6154 / 638-115, Fax -195