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RE: How to boot from serial port with Etrax MCM and etrax100_boot

Assuming you are using the e100lx_mcm release located at
as a base it should be quite straight forward. In this release
there is a newer version of tools and etrax100boot that supports serial boot.
This tools version is also available separately at

Once your image is made you can run './flashitall -p' to get the etrax100boot sequence.
This sequence includes initialisation of necessary registers and the SDRAM initialisation sequence
plus the flash loading commands. Uploading of the image to RAM will take quite some time
so you can remove the --file and --flash commands. Instead you need to add --serial and --baudrate 9600
to make the serial boot work. Other suitable etrax100boot commands are --memtest c0000000 c0800000 which will
test the RAM memory for you (assuming only internal RAM), add this after the memory initialisation.

See etrax100boot --help for more info.


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Subject: How to boot from serial port with Etrax MCM and etrax100_boot


I just want to do some basic tests with out own MCM design, unfortunatly
the network boot doesn't work, now I try to boot from serial port ttyS0
with etrax100_boot.

Is there any documentation / how-to for this program ? I've found the HTML
in the doc directory, but it isn't very clear.I just want to boot a
generic MCM kernel to test the functionality of the build in SD-RAM and
flash. Any suggestions ? 

Thank you in advance,

	Arne Bockholdt

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