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Re: RE: Conflict between Serial Boot port and Debug port ?

hi !

>> 1. Because ttyS0 is used as boot port AND debug port as default,
>> there seems to be some problems booting from this port. The 
>> bootloader uses 9600 baud, the debug output 115200, the e100boot
>> receives chars from the debug output, how is it possible to boot 
>> from serial port ? 
>Is this with the latest version of etrax100boot (what does
>'etrax100boot --help' report)?

e100boot version Time-stamp: $Id: common.c,v 1.7 2002/11/18 14:31:33 pkj

Should be the version from the MCM Release. 
>> 2. Is there any possibility to change to debug output port at 
>> boot time (NOT with kernel config) from ttyS0 to another port ? 

No answer to this question ?
>> 4. I looked at the bootloader sources for serial ports and there 
>> is a comment about that the port3 debug ouput support has been 
>> removed. Why ?
>The output is transferred over the same channel as the firmware with
>the latest version of etrax00boot, i.e., when network booting the
>output from the boot loader is sent over the network, and when serial
>booting it is sent over the serial cable.

I did not get any output from etrax100boot when booting from serial port,
only when I sniff the port with sermon. Here's the output I get from
sermon : 



Device ID = 0x000009D2
This bootloader was built by root on Mit Dez 4 16:22:27 GMT 2002.
Checksum of bootloader is 0x0008A982
Waiting for load info.
+Checksum of file is 0x00002D97
Got load info.
### Unknown type: 0x0004B000


What does this unknown type message means ? I tried to run "flashitall"
with serial options.

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