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RE: RE: Conflict between Serial Boot port and Debug port ?

You shouldn't use sermon at all when making serial boot load, sermon should be used once
the uploaded firmware is starting up.

Close every application on the host that uses the serial port from which you intend to make
the upload, /dev/ttyS1 in the sequence below.

The sequence fits a single MCM with no external memory. Put the device in serial boot mode an run 
command below. You should get an '+# Got ack.' otherwise there is something wrong. It will take appr
30 minutes to transfer the 2 MB large image.

etrax100boot --serial --device /dev/ttyS1 --baudrate 9600 \
--setreg b0000000 000095f8 --setreg b0000004 00000104 \
--setreg b000000c 00601515 --setreg b0000008 8000c002 \
--pause 20000 --setreg b0000008 8000c602 \
--setreg b0000008 8000c002 --setreg +0 7 --label label1 \
--setreg b0000008 8000c402 --setreg b0000008 8000c002 \
--loop +0 label1 --setreg b0000008 8060c202 \
--setreg b0000008 8000c002 --setreg b0000008 80008002 \
--setreg b0000030 0000ff00 --setreg b0000038 0000ff00 \
--file fimage c0004000 --flash c0004000 0 200000 \
--jump 0

About your question nbr 3:
Please have  a look at the developer board schematics page 8, you'll find instructions there.


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hi !

>> 1. Because ttyS0 is used as boot port AND debug port as default,
>> there seems to be some problems booting from this port. The 
>> bootloader uses 9600 baud, the debug output 115200, the e100boot
>> receives chars from the debug output, how is it possible to boot 
>> from serial port ? 
>Is this with the latest version of etrax100boot (what does
>'etrax100boot --help' report)?

e100boot version Time-stamp: $Id: common.c,v 1.7 2002/11/18 14:31:33 pkj

Should be the version from the MCM Release. 
>> 2. Is there any possibility to change to debug output port at 
>> boot time (NOT with kernel config) from ttyS0 to another port ? 

No answer to this question ?
>> 4. I looked at the bootloader sources for serial ports and there 
>> is a comment about that the port3 debug ouput support has been 
>> removed. Why ?
>The output is transferred over the same channel as the firmware with
>the latest version of etrax00boot, i.e., when network booting the
>output from the boot loader is sent over the network, and when serial
>booting it is sent over the serial cable.

I did not get any output from etrax100boot when booting from serial port,
only when I sniff the port with sermon. Here's the output I get from
sermon : 



Device ID = 0x000009D2
This bootloader was built by root on Mit Dez 4 16:22:27 GMT 2002.
Checksum of bootloader is 0x0008A982
Waiting for load info.
+Checksum of file is 0x00002D97
Got load info.
### Unknown type: 0x0004B000


What does this unknown type message means ? I tried to run "flashitall"
with serial options.

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