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RE: [dev-bluetooth] AXIS 9010 Flashing

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> From: Bertrand Payet [mailto:payet_b@xxxxxxx.com] 
> Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 20:46
> To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: [dev-bluetooth] AXIS 9010 Flashing
> I'd like to add an new software to the AXIS 9010.

What are you trying to install into the AXIS 9010?
A Devboard BT firmware?

> It seems that there are some memory limitations (2MB), so I 
> disable some services to  finally have a fimage size inferior
> to 2MB.
> I also did some changes to ptablespec:
> rescue 0x010000 ro          rescue    rescue.img
> flash1 0x1a0000 ro          kernel    flash1.img
> flash2 0x050000 rw          jffs      flash2.img

As far as I can tell, this is identical to what is used
for the AXIS 9010 firmware. What does the following 
command produce when used on your fimage?

od -A x -t x1 -j 0x10000 -N 0x60 fimage

> But the ftp flashing continue to failed:
> 550 Partition table differs from flash partition table

The FTP server that is provided in the AXIS 9010 does not
allow an upgrade to change the partition table in any way.
We do have a newer version of the FTP server that allows
this, but it has not been released yet. In the mean time
you should be able to use boot_linux (etrax100boot) to do
a network install instead.

> Does someone succeed on flashing axis 9010 with a "personal" 
> fimage ???
> Best Regards,
> Bertrand.