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Power Management using Etrax 100LX


I am a relative newbie as far as working with the Etrax chip. I just got
a development board to check out the chip and had a few preliminary

One application that I have in mind requires the CPU only to transfer
large amounts of data at known intervals. The rest of the time, the CPU
would, optimally, be in a low power state to minimize battery power
consumption. In looking through the Etrax documentation, I don't see any
mention of power management support other than the ability to shut
functional units like the ethernet off, which may or may not result in
reduced power consumption.

Thus the questions: what parts of the design of the Etrax 100LX support
putting the chip into a lower power state? Is there more support for
power management planned in future releases of the chip? Has there been
any characterization as to the static and dynamic power dissipation of
the Etrax 100LX chip? 

Anyone who has designed the Etrax into a battery operated application
and dealt with these issues, your experiences would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Tim Meese
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