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RE: [dev-bluetooth] AXIS 9010 Flashing

> > > > I'd like to add an new software to the AXIS 9010.
> > >
> > >What are you trying to install into the AXIS 9010?
> > >A Devboard BT firmware?
> >
> > I have developed a client/server application on the
> > devboard_bt. To put this application into the devboard_bt,
> > I have had to build a new fimage. Now I'd like to add this
> > application into the AXIS 9010. Is it possible to build a
> > new fimage adapted for the AXIS 9010?
>If the application is not too big (100-150kB) when linked
>statically, then you could put it in /etc and run it from there.
>That way you would not have to replace the AXIS 9010 firmware.
>If that is not possible, then you have two options: either
>build your own product based on the devboard_bt, or make a
>business case with us to modify the AXIS 9010 for you.

Is there a special configuration to build my own AXIS 9010 firmware based on 
the devboard_bt (special ptablespec or anything else).
If possible, could you give me an example to build a new AXIS 9010 firmware 
from the devboard_bt software.

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