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Re: SDRAM config

> This is a bad value. The configuration for group0 and group1 should
> always be identical to be on the safe side. Use tool available at
> http://developer.axis.com/doc/hardware/etrax100lx/sdram_config/
> to calculate your config.

great. nice to know

> How did you remake the kernel?
> Something like this should do it (from the top directory):
> make kernel && make images

I didn't do make images. But now it's done.

> >Why are there so many -setreg b0000008 ? I would like to have b0000008
> >to 80409040.
> All the b0000008 are used to initialize the SDRAMs. All these values
> are automatically generated from the value you enter. The last value
> should be the same as you enterred.

hmmm... set this value to 0x80409040 in kernel config. but the last -setreg
b0000008 sets it to 0x80009040.
Do I have a problem?