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RE: Problem with Ethernet and Etrax 100LX on our own board


This is the most common problem with new cards. There are two common

1. Undefined levels at BS0-3. Verify that you really have BS1=0 and
BS2=1 (for network boot).
2. PLL problems. Compare the values of C15, C16, R19 with 
The activity on the flash chip select and address lines
indicates that this is less likely to be the problem.

What brand and model do you have on the 20 MHz clock? We have
seen that some models need slightly different component values
in the PLL filter.

One option is to try to use serial port boot-strap instead
but if you can't get the 25 MHz clock to work you probably
can't get the serial boot to work either.

Sometimes we help customers to get the board running. If you
can't figure out why it's not starting you can contact


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We have made our own desing using an etrax 100lx. But booting it up failed.
As we could find out the etrax doesn't give out 25MHz clock to ethernet
physical chip in network boot mode.
If we try to boot it in normal mode (must fail since flash is emtpy) we can
see some activity on flash chip select and address lines.

Any hints, debugging strategies etc?