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Problems with new tools


In an other thread of this mailinglist I could read that I have to download
the tools-build-R2_0_5 the make use of serial boot.

I downloaded this package and compiled it.
Running flashit as root brings up:

Error socket: Operation not permitted
Make sure this program is executed with root privileges.

running etrax100boot like this:
etrax100boot --setreg b0000000 000095f8 [...] --serial --baudrate 9600 --jump

brought up:

Can't open modem

: Permission denied

Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_SER - Serial boot.
Starting boot...
# transmitting file 'INTERNAL_SER'
# transmitting 5968 bytes at baudrate 9600.
Segmentation fault

I was logged in as root.

Switching form this new tools release to the old one let's me execute flashit
without any error message.

Any hints

Alex Raimondi