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RE: Problems with new tools

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> From: Alex Raimondi [mailto:araimondi@xxxxxxx.net] 
> Sent: 30 January 2003 09:19
> To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: Problems with new tools
> Hi
> In an other thread of this mailinglist I could read that I 
> have to download the tools-build-R2_0_5 the make use of
> serial boot.
> I downloaded this package and compiled it.
> Running flashit as root brings up:
> Error socket: Operation not permitted
> Make sure this program is executed with root privileges.

Are you sure that the program is executed with root permissions?
It sure does not seem like it. Make sure the program has not been
install setuid but with some other user than root as the owner.

> running etrax100boot like this:
> etrax100boot --setreg b0000000 000095f8 [...] --serial --baudrate 9600 --jump 0
> brought up:
> Can't open modem
> : Permission denied
> Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_SER - Serial boot.
> Starting boot...
> # transmitting file 'INTERNAL_SER'
> # transmitting 5968 bytes at baudrate 9600.
> Segmentation fault

This has been fixed. The problem was that the program did not abort
when it failed to open the serial port.

> I was logged in as root.
> Switching form this new tools release to the old one let's me 
> execute flashit without any error message.
> Any hints
> Alex Raimondi