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Network speed

- We are developing an interface card between our custom hardware and ethernet
  using the MCM chip. (100Mbit network)

  ping gives us:

  from LinuxBox to MCM  0.4ms  also changeing often to 1.8ms
  from MCM to LinuxBox  0.8ms
  MCM to itself         0.7ms

  Is it possible to get it faster?

  What is possible to achive of speed with MCM chip sending let say 1kB to
  the MCM and receiving 1kB using tcp/ip socket connection? (Also udp speed)

  We may have to go for UDP to get more speed but before doing so we need
  check that all configuration and programming is done right.

  Needs suggestions to improve the speed like kernel configuration,
  networking configuration, programming tips  etc.

- In the user-space application the data is received from socket and
  delivered to our custom driver. Is it possible to copy direct from socet
  to the driver?

Terje Pedersen
Jakob Hatteland Computer