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debug port

We have been using kernel 2.4.14 in our application for over a year and it
is working fine. We are embarking on a new revision to our application and
we have decided to move forward an use kernel 2.4.19.

I got the cris compiler, the 2.4.19 kernel and the axis patch to 2.4.19. I
applied the patch , configured the kernel and built a new image.
The debug and rescue ports were configured as Serial 0. (/dev/ttyS0).

I connected a 3 wire cable to serial 0 on the board and /dev/ttyS0 on the
I then started sermon.

I flashed the board successfully over a LAN and I was able to telnet to the
The normal flashing and boot messages appeared on the sermon screen.

However when I attempted to login on the serial port (sermon screen)
nothing happened.
In response to login:
I typed

The Password prompt did not appear

I terminated sermon using ctrl-d and it reported that I had typed 5 bytes
to the serial port (root followed by a return char).

Why am I not able to communicate over the serial port?

I was able to login over the serial port using kernel 2.4.14

Thanks in advance.

Mark Schapira