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RE: external peripheral access csp4

In arch/cris/mm/init.c you can find the following line:

IO_STATE(R_MMU_KSEG, seg_a, page)
try to change this to
IO_STATE(R_MMU_KSEG, seg_a, seg)


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For the moment I use an ETRAXLX I suppose this is a v1. 
I also use init_ioremap() at driver open time. 

In fact we are designing a custom hardware with the MCM and we use
an ETRAX100LX for preliminary test only. I've used the port_csp0_addr
successfully. But in our design we also need to use csp4 because we 
need to control two peripheral with somes differences on the bus timing
(wait states ...). 
The most important for us is to know if it will work with the MCM,
but I'am also interested to test your solution to fix this problem.

Best regards,


> Hi,
> Yes, the MMU is not really set up to do this. Is it possible for you
> to select ETRAX 100LXv2 as processor instead? You also need to make
> sure that you call init_ioremap before the first usage of 
> port_csp4_addr. In the next software release you don't have to
> call init_ioremap anymore.
> If you are using ETRAX 100LXv1 I will send you separate instructions
> on how to fix this.
> /Mikael
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> Subject: external peripheral access csp4
> Hi,
> I have an access problem to the port_csp4_addr from the kernel.
> Unable to handle kernel access at virtual address a0000000.
> I use the following function :
> left= copy_to_user(buf, (void *)port_csp4_addr, n);
> I fact I just want to read a bloc of bytes from the physical address
> port_csp4_addr.
> Claude.
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