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Serial communication without DMA/FIFO. (Low latency)

Title: Serial communication without DMA/FIFO. (Low latency)


We are implementing an application that communicates over a serial port with mostly small double byte bursts and sometimes a burst with 20-40 bytes.

That means that we need low latency, i.e. using the serial port without DMA & FIFO.

I´ve seen some messages here for this subject earlier and have got some hints like changing the CONFIG_ETRAX_SERIAL_RX_TIMEOUT_TICKS value from 5 to 1.

But this is not enough for us so i wonder if anyone out there has some more tips??

I´ve found the CONFIG_ETRAX_SERIAL_FAST_TIMER in serial.c. What progress could i expect if defining that??
In one answer there was some talk about a future effort to make it possible to disable DMA on certain serial ports. Is that implemented??

Or do i have to write/change the driver at my own??

I´m using Devboard LX ver. 2.1.0 and Linux kernel 2.4.14.

Thanks in advance // Henrik Löfgren