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Debian packages of cris-dist-1.25 available

For the recently announced cris-dist-1.25, there are now Debian
packages available.  The Debian binary package, suitable for
PC:s running release "Woody" or newer is located at:


The Debian source package files (which require the source
tarballs in the earlier announcement to be retrieved separately)
is located at:


MD5 checksums for these files (also in files with suffix ".md5"
and base file-names as above):

5e8f0b24b19c32939f214d3788491643 *cris-dist_1.25-1_i386.deb
d913eecdfe70fac475b3151e3900103d *cris-dist_1.25-1.dsc
ae4ea324422f94691d1f116edcdc081a *cris-dist_1.25-1.tar.gz

Older releases are moved to the subdirectory "old" with every
new release ("old/debian-dsc" for old Debian build description

brgds, H-P