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RE: MAC address / serial number

The MAC address is stored in the flash. The parameters starts at
0xc000 in the flash. Since you run your entire own race with
no OS etc. I guess that this address is overwritten with your 
code. So probably you have to find your own place to store
it in and your own may to handle it at production etc.

Otherwise I think you can copy readParam from bootblocktool 
and call it with name = SERNO.

PS. Can you tell us something about the solutions to the
network problems you have had? DS.


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Hi everybody!

Well, I think I'm through the worst.
Many thanks for all the help.

(I hope) I have just one more question:
how do I get at the serial number?

I need to send the odd frame from my OS-less program,
so I need the MAC address for the source field in the
Ethernet header.

If I understand the procedure, in the Linux case the driver
is told what address to set by the /usr/init.d/network script,
which gets it from bootblocktool.  However, I haven't been
able to see the where bootblocktool reads it.

Where is it?


/Uffe Sjöstedt
SaabTech Systems AB