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integrated HUB repeater with MCM


I would like to design a board with an MCM and an integrated hub with two ports. 
In our system configuration it would be very nice to cascade the baords
just like we have a bus. One port is connected to the next board and the second
port is connected to the previous one. We wonder if the LXT914 repeater will
work for this purpose and if it will be compatible with the  MCM. The MCM 
ethernet output will be connected through the magnetic to the first port
of the LXT914 and two other ports will be used for the hub.
We are interested by any recommandation about this kind of configuration.
(e.g. part number of compatible magnetic )

best regards,


Claude GIRERD 
Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon
4, rue Enrico Fermi (Campus de la DOUA)
69622 Villeurbanne Cedex
tel: 04 72 44 83 96
fax: 04 72 43 14 52
email: girerd@xxxxxxx.fr