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RE: MAC address

The MAC address is stored in flash. If you download software with
boot_linux -F your MAC address will be overwritten. You can set
the MAC address with the bootblocktool program. Example

bootblocktool -w SERNO 00408CCD0000

if you have done this the address will not be overwritten when
you upgrade with FTP or kflash.

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I have a question about the MAC addresses of etrax100LX's.
I noticed that developer boards have a mac address printed
on a label.
Is this a serial number given to the developer board, or
to the etrax100lx?

It seems I have to put this address in 
packages/initscripts/network/mac.conf, to make the etrax
use this address.

How should we proceed when we want to use the same flash
images for multiple devices?
What is the preferred scenario for initializing many
devices, with need for as little user intervention 
as possible?

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