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Problems with FTP

Hi all,
  I have a little problem with the ftp server. I describe you the
    I'm making a program (a ftp client) on Windows to transfer files.
    I'm using a ftp control with i do the transfer. These are the steps
    of the transfer:
      1- Connect to ftp server (it's ok)
      2- Change to the folder /mnt/flash/ (it's ok)
      3- Get the list of files (Here it's the error)
           I can't get the list of files of the axis board, but to
           probe if my program isn't working. I connected with a public
           ftp server, but the program works perfectly.

    To probe more, i try to download files with CuteFTP client but not
    list the files.
    Is it an error of the ftp server?