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RE: SDLC/HDLC on sync serial port

> This would be possible by using an external baud clock or the maybe
the baudrate
> prescaler. For more information about this refer to the following

Not sure I quite follow. 
Shouldnt the link be 


I am looking at using,  
Slave Input Mode and the Stream Mode in 13.7.3 since the
syncronization is embedded in the bitstream.

> I'm pretty sure that the RS-422 line driver is capable of handling
375 kHz.


How much of this functionality is supported out-of-the-box with the
present linux-code?


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> Subject: SDLC/HDLC on sync serial port
> I have a perhaps naive question.
> Lets say, we have a box that talks HDLC. It just talks, dont listen.

> The clock is driven by the box at approx 375kHz. The electric
> interface is RS-422.
> Would it be possible to listen to the box with a developer board?
> (Perhaps with other linedrivers.)
> best regards,
>               Björn