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RE: SDLC/HDLC on sync serial port

>Not sure I quite follow. Shouldnt the link be 

Yes, you are right, I wasn't paying enough attention while
reading your email.

>How much of this functionality is supported out-of-the-box with the
>present linux-code?

There is a sync serial driver but it hasn't been tested much in
slave mode. For slave input mode the pin assignment is:

ETRAX pin     Sync ser pin
rxd1          ss1clk   
cts1_         ss1frame  
rts1_         ss1status  
pb4           ss1data   

This means that the data pin aren't routed through
the RS-422 line drivers (txd and rxd are routed through
the drivers). So some soldering will be required if you
want to do this on a developer board.

I am completelty clueless about HDLC, is the clock signal
also transported over RS-422? Do you use one of the pairs
for this and the other for data?