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IRQ problem

I have a problem with using the IRQ pin on Etrax 100MCM.

I installed the following components on my Linux system:
- crist-dist 1.22
- e100lx_mcm R1_0_0
- Linux kernel 2.4.19

Enabled devices in the kernel configuration are ethernet,  async. serial 3,
GPIO and my own driver in .

In my driver I initialize IRQ with a code like this:
 *R_IRQ_MASK0_CLR = 0x00000020;
 *R_IRQ_MASK0_SET = 0x00000010;
request_irq(10, irqfunction 0, devicename, 0);

With my external hardware I normally keep IRQ high, but when generating
interrupt an about 400 ns wide negative pulse is applied.

The problem is that some of the interrupts are lost: the IRQ function is not
executed although the pulse on the pin is OK.

Thanks for any help.

Zsolt Nagy