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RE: ATA on axis

It should be possible to add an ATA interface to the devboard_lx but I can't say that I recommend it. You can buy a developer board
with ATA interface instead. ATA schematics is included in the ETRAX 100LX designer's reference.
http://developer.axis.com/doc/hardware/etrax100lx/des_ref/ET100LX_11_Eide_ata_Interface_020322.pdf <http://developer.axis.com/doc/hardware/etrax100lx/des_ref/ET100LX_11_Eide_ata_Interface_020322.pdf> 
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Subject: ATA on axis

    I am new to etrax and have a question about ATA on devboard_LX
    Is it possible set a ATA port on devboard_LX??
    if not ,is there any schematics about ATA to build PCB?
    (sorry I am poor in english)