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Re: Memory corrupt?

Thank you for your fast replies!

The memory test failed with 8MB range, and flashitall didn't change

I guess it's a hardware problem, so I'll try another board.

Best regards.

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From: "Lars Viklund" <lars.viklund@xxxxxxx.com>
To: "'Aron Wieck'" <aw@xxxxxxx.net>
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Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 4:41 PM
Subject: RE: Memory corrupt?

> A different image had also checksum 0, so I tried a memory test:
> etrax100boot --setreg b0000000 000095f8 --setreg b0000004
00000104 --setreg b000000c 1a200040 --setreg b0000008 00005611 --setreg
b0000030 00001df0 --setreg b0000038 00001ef3 --bootfile DBG2 --memtest
0xc0000000 0xc2000000
> You are testing 32 MB. Do you really have 32 MB on your board? (a standard
devboard has 8 MB)