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RE: corrupt flash chip

Hi Alex.
I assume you have one flash connected to cse0_ and one to cse1_.
Testing the second flash can be accomplished by using etrax100boot. After the 
(s)dram initialisation you should add a
--memtest c0000000 c0800000
to test and write a known pattern to RAM.
--memdump c0000000 c00000ff
to dump a part of RAM to see that a sequence has been written.
After that you should write the RAM content to flash using
--flash c0000000 800000 800000
The RAM content of address c0000000 should now have been written
to the second flash chip (with offset 800000) and you should
try to program 8MB. 
You can dump some flash content as well.
--memdump 84000000 840000ff

You should try the latest version of etrax100boot, you can download it from

Good luck


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Subject: corrupt flash chip


I've got 16MB flash connected to the etrax 100lx (2x8MB). On one of our
boards at least the first chip seems to be
corrupt. If I try to flash it I get a verify error at ..... while erasing
the flash.

Is there a possibility to only use the second chip? Or can I erase and test
the second chip?