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Using external DMA in output direction


we try to use the external DMA in output direction and we've run in some
problems :

* DMA channel 4 is allocated by "cascade" whatever that means on a CRIS
system, so it seems that this external dma channel is useless for DMA in
output direction, because the output channel isn't available.
* DMA channel 6 seems to be used by serial p0 port. This is the output
channel for ext_dma1. We don't want to change the debug/rescue etc port to
another port than p0, so it seems that external DMA channel 1 is useless


* Is there any possibility to use ext_dma0 in output direct (internal
channel 4), disabling the "cascade" allocation ?
* Is there any possibility to disable the usage of DMA for serial p0 so
that ext_dma1 can be used ? 
* Is there any other possibility to use ext_dma in output direction ? 

Thanks in advance,

	Arne Bockholdt

Dipl. Inform. Arne Bockholdt
REA Elektronik GmbH
Teichwiesenstr. 1
64367 Mühltal-Waschenbach
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