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RE: FTP flash problems

Dear Mahmut.
Have you experienced these problems with the developer board as well or does
the problem only occur using the MCM? I will set up an ftp upgrade stability
test on the MCM and I'll see if I can reproduce the problems.
I assume you are using the e100lx_mcm-R1_0_0 release with the 2.4.19 kernel?


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> Subject: FTP flash problems
> Hi,
> We are now deploying our units (based on the MCM chip) to the 
> field. We have
> tried flashing units from a central server by FTP, but the 
> results we are
> getting are not very satisfactory.
> In our local LAN, when we are flashing units using FTP, we 
> get roughly 70%
> success rate. When the flash is not successful the unit 
> usually hangs and we
> need reboot the unit and try again. It usually works the second time.
> It is nothing concrete yet, but we started to think that the 
> reason for
> these failures is some timing issue. We found that flashing 
> failures seem to
> be consistent when the machine we are using to FTP in our LAN 
> is under heavy
> load (e.g. compiling something), which led to this assumption 
> about timing.
> On our field WAN, the network is not very responsive and 
> there can be long
> delays while establishing connections. We are getting a 10% 
> or so success
> rate on this WAN, which makes FTP flashing completely unusable.
> We believe that being able to flash the units using FTP is a 
> very desirable
> feature, and we would like to fix its problems and use it if 
> possible. Do
> you have other experiences about FTP flashing that can be 
> helpful, or do you
> know the likely reasons for it to fail? Are any fixes planned?
> Regards,
> Mahmut
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