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Re: A question about bootstrap


Yes, you have interpreted it correctly. You have to send exactly 
784 bytes. The CPU will just wait until all of them are received.

Per Zander

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 John_Pham@xxxxxxx.com wrote:

> Hi,
>   I was reading the Etrax-100 data sheet and wondering if there are any more
> information on bootstrap method on parallel port.   
> Let say I develop my own board, if I set the BS to 11 (parallel bootstrap)
> and connect my parallel port and download the 784 bytes, I like to know when
> the Etrax knows when to execute the code.  Does it wait until 784 bytes are
> received then execute the code at 0x380000f0.  Does each parallel port
> strobe increment the byte counter so if I didn't send all 784 bytes the cpu
> just sit there and wait and wait until 784 bytes are received?