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gcc-cris linking problem

Hi all,
	I'm relatively new to developing for the Axis board (Developer board LX) and was wondering if someone could help me out.
The end result that I want is to have a sftp (secure ftp) server to run on the Axis board.  This, I found after a few frustrating
hours, was NOT the same as the sftpd (simple ftp) that comes with the board.  So, I downloaded the source for OpenSSH on the web,
thinking I'd just try to port the sftp-server program over to the Axis board.
	I've had pretty good luck so far, but now I'm running into a problem when trying to link with the util library.  I'm trying
to link with the file that came with the cris compiler that I downloaded from Axis' website.  I get the error "could not read
symbols:  Invalid operation" in libutil.so.
	I know that's pretty vague as to the error, but I was wondering if I was even on the right track?  Is this the correct file
to try to link with (my copy of the cris distribution is located in /usr/local/cris/lib/gcc-cris/2.96 if that makes any difference)?

	I suppose it would be best if someone already had a secure ftp server that they've ported over to the Axis board.  If anyone
has any tips or tricks, I would really appreciate it.